Colors That Represent Friendship (Pink, Yellow & Turquoise)

colors that represent friendship

Friendships are varied in nature, and the depth of relationship from one person to another are not likely to be the same as everyone else.

This complicated nature of friendships makes it difficult to describe it by just one adjective, image, or color.

Some colors are more frequently used to symbolize friendship, and those are pink, yellow, brown, and turquoise.

Colors that Symbolize Friendship

1. Pink as a Color of Friendship

pink color meaning

Some scientists claim that pink is not a real color because it is just a shade of red when mixed with white.

Others say pink is a manipulated color that came from combining red and violet which are located on opposite ends of the color spectrum, thus they are not likely to combine naturally.

Whatever the case, this color has been around for a few centuries and has become a representation of love, friendship, harmony, and femininity.

Pink is seen as a soft, feminine color that evokes positive feelings like gentleness and comfort. It is nurturing and compassionate, which is why it is commonly seen in the healthcare profession and other occupations that require human touch.

Pink is also used to signify care, affection, and concern, usually for deep friendships or familial relationships.

The Color Pink in Nature


Despite some claims otherwise, pink actually exists in nature. Some blossoms, gemstones, and animals flowers are pink, like the flamingo or rose quartz.

But the color was not officially recognized until Madame de Pompadour, favorite mistress of King Louis XV of France, declared this shade as her favorite color in the 1700s.

Over the years, the color has evolved into a gender-biased identity which is slanted more towards women. At present, pink is already being used in English idioms such as “in the pink” to describe someone who is very healthy, or “tickled pink” to signify a state of happiness or contentment.

The Color Pink in Different Cultures

In certain countries, this shade has taken specific associations and has even been involved in some political or social awareness campaigns.

  • Globally, breast cancer awareness crusades have been represented by a pink ribbon.
  • In Japan, the pink blossoms of the sakura tree has a deep symbolism as it represents the young soldiers who die during war.
  • Some Eastern countries use pink to celebrate marriage. But in China, this shade was not recognized until they welcomed Western influence in their culture.
  • For Koreans, the color indicates trust, while for Latin America, pink is more closely linked with architecture.

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2. Yellow as a Color of Friendship

yellow color meaning

As the lightest shade in the spectrum, yellow is almost synonymous with feelings of hope and joy. It is also commonly taken as an indicator of friendliness.

In color psychology, yellow is perceived as the happiest color,  and can help people recover from depression or regain their energy.

Yellow is also strongly related to the sun. It is mood lifting and can help create a cheerful atmosphere. When used appropriately, it can work as a stimulant, triggering better creativity and communication.

But if overly applied, it can also convey jealousy, betrayal, or danger.

Yellow Signifies Affection

yellow rose

When communicating with flowers, yellow roses indicate friendship, remembrance, and affection. This shade is a very reflective color and spreads out externally, making it more visible from afar compared to other colors.

Because it is carefree, light, and undemanding, it is an ideal choice for representing new friendships as well as gifts for acquaintances. You can use this color to cheer up someone who is feeling down, or make someone feel appreciated.

Yellow Represents Happiness

Yellow is the color of sunshine and has the ability to spread cheers all around. It is a relaxing and giving color, and is able to make people feel relaxed and comfortable.

Since light bounces off this shade, it can make a room appear larger, less dense, as well as more open and comfortable. Thus, it also represents openness and honesty in communication.

3. Turquoise as a Color of Friendship

turquoise color meaning

As a mixture of blue and green, turquoise carries characteristics of both colors. It symbolizes harmony, friendship, joy, loyalty, and intuition.

Like blue and green, turquoise is a cool color that gives off an open and refreshing feeling. This shade feels soothing and reminds people of elements in nature, such as leaves and water.

Aside from blue and green, turquoise carries a tinge of yellow as well. With this combination, it portrays the balance between warm and cool shades. While it encourages clarity and harmony, it also conveys cheerfulness and joy. Because of its association with water, turquoise also symbolizes intuition, fluidity, and spirituality.

Turquoise Jewelry as a Symbol of Friendship

Even when discussing jewelry, the turquoise gemstone also represents friendship. This stone is not new and has been around for many hundreds of years.

The earliest traces of turquoise are from Egypt, in royal tombs dating as early as 3,000 BC. According to myths, turquoise releases energy which can help in meditation.

It is beneficial for health and can improve disposition if worn near the heart.

Other folklore also claim that it provides protection which made it a popular choice to weapons and armor, while some stories say it aids in communication and promotes honesty.

Types Of Friendship

friendship colors

Typically, there are four types of friendships: acquaintance, friend, close friend, and best friend. The differences in each type are basically the degree of mutual concern that they exhibit, plus the level of openness within the friendship.

An acquaintance, for example, is someone you regularly encounter and feel safe spending time with occasionally. He would be familiar with your basic information, but is not someone you would reach out to if you need help.

colors of friendship

In contrast, a best friend is someone who knows you more intimately and is privy to your secret thoughts and desires, understands your character and personality, and will go the extra file for you, as you would for him.

Many positive values are associated with friendship such as trust, loyalty, honesty, caring, compassion, support, camaraderie, and harmony. It also evokes warm feelings such as happiness, contentment, security, and love. A certain set of values are represented by different colors that symbolize friendship.


Like all human relationships, friendships are complicated. They cannot be adequately summarized in just one word or sentence.

Likewise, having only one color to symbolize friendship would also feel lacking and incomplete. Friendships are made up of many layers, and each layer can be expressed with a specific color that matches the nature and values that have brought the relationship together.

Pink, yellow, and turquoise are simply the shades that are typically utilized to express friendship. You can mix and match them with other different colors to express the unique characteristics of your friendship with a specific person.