Food Symbolism

Pomegranate Meaning and Symbolism (Fertility & Afterlife)

The bright red color and jewel-shaped seeds of pomegranates symbolize life, resurrection, death, and the afterlife in many religions. They have also been renowned throughout history for representing the medical field, fertility, and success.  Fresh, ripe pomegranates have a captivatingly saturated color that has been a topic of interest throughout history and various cultures all …

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Onion Symbolism and Meaning

Onion Symbolism and Meaning (Protection & Jealousy)

Onions symbolize protection, memories, jealousy, envy, divine healing, and mood swings. Some people believe that dreaming of onions has symbolic and spiritual meaning. If you dream about eating an onion, it may be that your subconscious is encouraging you to keep working on your difficult projects. Similarly, a dream about cooked onions can show that …

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Banana Symbolism

What do Bananas Symbolize? (Health, Wealth, Fertility)

Bananas symbolize a variety of positive things such as energy, good nutrition, monetary and financial growth, and a healthy lifestyle. Bananas have different interpretations according to various religions and cultures, and their shape is highly symbolic of fertility and romantic desire. Bananas reappearing in your dreams could mean that you have an increased interest in …

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Pineapple Symbolism

Pineapple Symbolism (9 Top Meanings)

Pineapples symbolize luxury, welcomeness, infertility, virility (paradoxically!!), beauty, hospitality and royalty. This symbolism has been used for many years including on furniture and in religion. Pineapple Symbolism Unlike other concepts like youth (see here) or death (and here), finding the symbolic meaning of pineapple involves a deeper search. The fruit has been discovered and rediscovered …

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