Cancer Love Languages: How do Cancers Show their Love?

The main love language of a Cancer is physical touch. Their secondary love languages are quality time and words of affirmation.

Cancers makes the perfect partner when these people are in a relationship. They pay close attention to their significant others’ needs, they demonstrate empathy, and support their partner emotionally.

They tend to go too far in their romantic relationships, because they occasionally exhibit a little too much maternal caring, even in the case of Cancer men.

Cancer Love Languages

What are the Five Love Languages?

Physical touch, words of affirmation,receiving gifts, quality time and, acts of service are the five languages of love, according to Gary Chapman.

Therefore,when they receive hugs, kisses, or cuddles, these people are those who express their gratitude by physical touch.

When verbal encouragement, expressions of thanks, praises, and routine interactions are the selected love language, then these people’s emotional requirements can be satisfied by words of affirmation.

People who prefer to communicate their admiration through gifts appreciate thoughtful gifts which are representative for their partner’s personality. Those who place a high value on quality time find it particularly pleasing when a partner emphasizes active listening, eye contact, and entire presence.

Finally,if someone enjoys receivingacts of service, they tend to think that deeds speak louder than words. These people are very appreciative to anyone who tries to assist them, no matter how small the assistance may be.

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Cancer Man Love Language

A Cancer manoften needswords of appreciation to feel confident about his relationships. These are some of the most sensitive men and they are very receptive to how their partner is feeling.

Therefore, they will often ask questions about their partner’s emotional well-being, but they will expect you to the same.

If you do not ask about their state of mind or avoid offering them verbal statements about your love, they will feel neglected and frustrated.

They might even become avoidant until you realizethe reason for their behavior. They also seekgenuine physical affection to feel appreciated, but also quality time spent together with the lady of their heart.

How to Tell a Cancer Man is in Love with You

1. He wants to be with you

Cancer men will want to be in the company of their loved one. They are well known for being very romantic, touchy, and even clingy sometimes.

When they are in love, they tend to spend as much time as possible together with the lady of their heart’s desire.

You might find him outside your office at the end of the day, waiting impatiently with a bunch of roses to pick you back home.

If these men get a crush on you, nothing will become more important than spending time together.

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2. He will cook for you

They willtry to find out your favorite meals and cook for you the best recipes.

Cancer well known for their passion for cook as part of their motherly nature. Be sure that they will not avoid doing their best in the chicken for the person they feel turned on.

They will make the best out of any simple recipe. They will choose the best possible wine to match up the meal and will make sure they combine any fine food with a romantic candle light atmosphere.

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3. He will ask you questions

They will ask many questions about your feelings tomake sure you feel safe in their presence.

It is very important for Cancer man that their partner experiences safety both physically and emotionally.

Even though most men do not show to much interest for the emotions of their ladies, this is not the case of a Cancer man.

They will ask you how you feel every time you meet them. Even though they risk being annoying and clingy, they are well intended and will try to make you feel secure when you are together.

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Cancer Woman Love Language

Cancer women are highly emotional, soft, tender, nurturing and deeply loving. They are considered the archetypal mother of the zodiac and they will be no other way when they fall in love.

As in the case of Cancer men, these women seek to spend a lot of quality time as evidence of their worth to you because sensitive Cancer loves to nurture and be nurtured, as well.

They have the tendency to become overwhelming because they need constant affirmation of their partner’s love.

Therefore, along with quality time spend together, these women’s hearts are won the easiest by telling them often how much they mean to you.

How to Tell a Cancer Woman is in Love with You

1. She’s there for you

They will seek to be there for you whenever you need them.

For Cancer women, acts of service is a love language and they will want to letyou know how much they love you by being supportive with voluntary deeds.

You can be sure that if they promise something they will keep their word, as uncomfortable the task may be.

Because they are known as the mother of the zodiac, she will never hesitate to take care of you as a mother would do.

2. She willput her guard down

Cancer women are very emotional and sensitive, although they often appear as shy and reserved.

They have difficulties in opening up because their high sensitivity can make them highly vulnerable from an emotional point of view.

They are not very talkative and when they are they avoid speaking about themselves. However, if she starts feeling comfortable around you and she speaks about her feelings and sensitives, this is a sign she has an interested on you. 

3. She may become clingy

The fragile Cancer can be particularly vulnerable when they are in love.

When she is disappointed in love, she might adopt dependent attitudes regarding the people which are soft hearted as much as she is.

She struggles also with setting boundaries and might even develop promiscuous behavior habits.

Therefore, if she is too sensitive around you, try to be gentle because she can be very sensitive to rejection.

How to Show aCancer you Love Them

1. Words of affirmation

Tell them often how much they mean to you.

Cancer people are deeply romantic and tend to envision a never-ending story together with their loved one whenever a new partner comes around.

If you are certain about your feelings for them, them express them often through verbal affirmations and daily texts.

Good communication makes Cancer people gain trust in their new partner and helps them feel emotional safe around them.

2. Romance them

Buy them some romantic light decorations for their home and enjoy a cozy evening together under the delight of the moment.

Grab a bottle of red wine and a classical movie and you have the recipe for the perfect moment with your dear Cancer partner.

These people are one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac and the homiest.

Preparing a romantic atmosphere in their crib where you can cuddle together is one of the best ways to show your love to them.

3. Care for them

Be caring, trustworthy, but not always predictable in the end, traits which sum up the ideal partner for a Cancer.

The secret to assisting them in realizing the potential of their individuality and to support her developing into a person who is emotionally independent and being truly caring and nurturing at the same time.

Your role is to be there for them, despite any obstacles which come up. Support them and help them find their inner resources to find inner security.

Which Other Signs Have This Love Language? (Love Language Compatibility)

Cancer people share the pleasure of physical touch as love language along with Scorpios, Aries, Taurus, Capricorns, Virgos and Leos.

All of these astrological signs are very sensual, but the general compatibility does not quite much among all of them.

Therefore, it is recommended for Cancers to generally enter into relationships with water signs, such as Scorpio.

When it comes to words of affirmation, they adore as much as Leos, Capricorns, fire signs and Gemini people do.

However, the best relationships built on this love language is created between a Cancer and a Capricorn.

Finally, Cancers enjoy quality time the same way as Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces do.

However, as it happens in the case of other love languages, according to astrology Cancers need to take into account the matching energy for them.

Therefore, they should avoid quality time with fire signs because usually their preferences are not quite suitable.


Frequently known as the mother of the zodiac, Cancer people are the most affectionate, sensitive, and nurturing partners out there.

They are very loving beings and push their limits for their loved ones to feel good. They put a lot of emphasis on their partner’s physical and emotional security, as well as on their general wellbeing. Even though sometimes they can become a bit mushy and even emotionally exhausting, they are loyal partners and are excellent pairs if you are seeking a long-term commitment.

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