Broom Symbolism & Mythical Meanings (Freedom & Cleansing)

Broom Symbolism & Mythical Meanings

Brooms are something that nearly every single one of us has in our households. While they might seem like a boring household item, they can actually symbolize different things such as freedom, luck, and cleansing energy.

There are many superstitions that are connected with brooms that come from all areas of the world, not to mention they were a tool that was connected with witches and witchcraft, which make them a popular symbol for magic as well.

What do Brooms Symbolize?

1. Freedom


The symbolism of freedom is largely attached to witches who would jump on their broomsticks and fly off into the night.

Women in the past saw housework and chores as signs of oppression and the broom used to be a symbol for that as well, that was until imaginations started running wild and witches became wildly more popular.

The broom was a sign of freedom as these were women who couldn’t be oppressed. If you have been seeing a lot of broom symbolism or imagery it could be a sign from the universe that you also need to do something that invokes a feeling of freedom.

2. Luck

Bad Luck

There are many different customs and traditions from different places all over the world that consider a broom to be a symbol of protection and luck.

In modern day witchcraft, in old day witchcraft, in many superstitions around the world the broom is considered to be a symbol of good luck. Many believe that the act of sweeping can sweep away ones bad fortune to make way for the good.

If you have been feeling as though you are being plagued with bad luck or misfortune, sweeping is something you can do to rid yourself and your space of unwanted negative energy. There are many incantations, but it is the energy you put forth in the space while doing so that counts.

3. Cleansing Energy

It goes without saying that a broom is a cleaning tool, but it has been used in other ways to cleanse spaces from negative energy.

Not only did witches in the olden days use brooms to cleanse a space from negative energy, many people around the world still do so. It has become a popular ritual for many different cultures around the world.

If you have had unwanted guests in your house, a fight with a family member or spouse, or just feel that the energy in your home is cluttered you might feel compelled to start sweeping.

It’s believed people sweep during these moments to let all the bad energy out.

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Myths & Superstitions about Brooms


Below are some common myths and superstitions related to brooms:

  • Taking an Old Broom into a New House: It is believed that taking an old broom into a new home will bring misfortune and bad luck into the space, you should always purchase a new one before you move in.
  • Newlyweds Jumping Over a Broom: It is a custom in some cultures that newlyweds should jump over a broom together to ensure luck and love in their marriage. This stems from a tradition developed by slaves in America.
  • Sweeping your Home in the New Year: In China there is a superstition that sweeping your home after the new year will rid the family of their luck, it is tradition to wait a for a few days after to do so.
  • Cleaning after Someone has Passed Away: In Africa it is still widely believed that cleaning your home after someone has passed will offend their spirit, this includes sweeping so it is customary to wait a few days.
  • Brooms and Witchcraft: In old day witchcraft brooms were stored with the bristles facing upwards. Usually hung above the front door or window and were believed to offer protection from curses, unwanted guests, and to invite luck.
  • Stepping over a Broom: It is a common superstition in western culture that you should never step over a broom, but always pick it up as it is unlucky.

Broom Dream Meanings


Some people believe that dreaming about a broom might contain some spiritual messages. Below are some possible interpretations (acknowledging that they’re not the only meanings and might not be correct or relevant to your situation):

  • Dreaming of One Broom: To dream of a single broom could denote that someone in your inner circle will act out in jealousy and spite. This could mean that they will spread rumors in order to make themselves feel better. Now is a good time to re-evaluate who your true friends are and weed out the ones who are not.
  • Dreaming of Holding a Broom: To dream of holding a broom denotes good fortune in the days to come. This is usually tied to the house as it is a household item. It is a sign from your spirit guides telling you that good fortune will enter your home.
  • Dreaming of Sweeping your Home: To dream of sweeping your home can denote that your spirit guides have acknowledged your hard work and will reward you soon. If you have been working hard towards something it is a sign that it will soon pay off, so make sure to keep pushing forward.
  • Dreaming of Flying on a Broomstick: To dream of flying on a broomstick could denote that you are not taking care of yourself as much as you take care of others. It could be a sign from your spirit guides that you will soon burn yourself out if you continue to do so. Now is the time to put yourself first and take care of your own wants and needs.
  • Dreaming of Being Hit with a Broom: To dream of being hit with a broom could denote that you will have some turbulence in your work life. Either jealous coworkers or an ungrateful boss could try to undermine you in one way or another. Now might be the time to look for another workplace, one where you would be appreciated.

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Brooms have been a symbol for many things over the years including freedom, luck, and cleansing energy. Many superstitions stem from the days where witchcraft and witches were considered abundant. Of course, there are also other superstitions and myths surrounding brooms from many different cultures and places around the world.

There are still rituals in place today that many utilize to bring in good fortune, cleansing energy, or protection. There are may different kinds of rituals such as sweeping in a particular way, or placing a broom somewhere particular in your home to ward of bad spirits and energies.

If you have been experiencing a lot of broom symbolism it may be time for you to cleanse your space from negative energies.