Blue Koi Fish Symbolism & Spiritual Meaning

blue koi fish spiritual meaning

The blue koi fish is a highly symbolic figure in Japanese and Chinese culture. It is considered to be a symbol of masculinity and masculine energy, as well as peace and calm.

The blue koi is said to bring good luck and prosperity and is a sign that we should be grateful of all good that comes our way.

The blue koi’s meaning is said to be different depending on the direction it is swimming. If the koi is flowing upstream, it is said to represent the overcoming of obstacles and challenges in your life.

If you dream of the koi fish swimming downstream, it could mean that you have already achieved a goal or overcome an obstacle. It could also be a sign that you currently do not have the strength alone to get through a challenge in your life.

Blue Koi Fish Spiritual Meanings

1. Masculinity

The blue koi is traditionally a symbol of masculinity or masculine energy. The blue koi is a symbol of the son of the family, and often is interpreted to mean a strong but calm father-like figure.

The male energy associated with the blue koi fish can be interpreted in many ways.

If you have been dreaming about a blue koi fish, you may be in a period of transformation in yourself. You may have been working towards becoming a calmer but emotionally strong person and have taken that strength and transformed it into something positive.

Alternatively, if you find you have been dreaming of multiple blue koi fish it could be a sign that you are yearning for a masculine figure in your life.

Perhaps you have broken up with a male partner or have lost a friend who you were close with.

It also may be in relation to feeling distant from a male relative, like your father, brother or grandfather. If this is the case, try reaching out to those you feel you have distanced from.

If you have ended a relationship for good reason, spend time focussed on your own energy. Try journaling and meditation, and soon you will find you are able to fill the energy void yourself.

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2. Peace

The koi fish has been an important symbol of peace, calm, and tranquility in Japanese and Chinese culture for centuries.

Many people choose to have the koi fish tattooed on their body to serve as a reminder of this message. Those who chose to ink their body with a blue koi fish choose to be permanently reminded of the importance in being calm and peaceful.

If you have been dreaming of a blue koi fish it is a sign that you are trying to find peace within yourself. Try being mindful of what is happening in your life and what choices you are making.

You may find that you have not been putting your own interests and goals first and in turn are feeling at war with yourself.

Embrace peace by practicing mindful activities, such as yoga or meditation. These will ground you and naturally promote a calm and quiet mind. Try to work through what is holding you back to succeed in your journey to inner peace.  

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3. Swimming Upstream means to Overcome Obstacles

If you are dreaming of a blue koi swimming upstream, it could be a symbol that you are currently facing an inner battle or struggle.

(Note that koi are a domesticated fish, so it may be that it’s swimming toward a water feature rather than up a wild stream).

The blue koi swimming upstream is often interpreted as a sign that you are fighting through the obstacles in your way, and whether you know it or not you have the strength to overcome anything life throws at you.

You may feel like giving up, but the blue koi is there to remind you that you aren’t the type of person to give up on your goals or yourself.

If the blue koi is struggling upstream, it is a sign that you are fighting hard, and even though you aren’t giving up, you may feel defeated.

Know that if you keep pushing you will find that you already have the strength you need to continue pushing against the current and overcoming the obstacles in your way.

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4. Swimming Downstream means to be Complacent

If the blue koi is swimming calmly downstream it is a sign that you do not have the skills and strength required to overcome the obstacles in your path.

You may find that you have been experiencing a lot of self-doubt which has manifested itself into complacency. Find the strength you need and continue to work on yourself to overcome the obstacles in your path.

Remember it is not shameful to seek the help of a professional to overcome a hurdle in life, sometimes alone we will never hold the strength needed to overcome something and we need someone’s help.

Alternatively, if you find that the blue koi is swimming downstream but is slightly more energised or fast it is a sign that you have achieved the goals you have set out for yourself and you are no longer struggling or fighting the current.

If you had set a big goal for yourself and have been feeling deflated, this is a sign that you are so close to overcoming anything in your path and achieving your goal.

If you have already successfully achieved your goals the blue koi is a symbol to celebrate your victory, no matter how small, and feel proud of yourself for all of your hard work.

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5. Good luck

If you find you are dreaming of a blue koi fish in a pond it is often considered to be a sign of good luck.

Japanese culture regards the koi fish as an extremely good omen promoting luck and prosperity.

If you have been feeling flat recently, the koi fish will appear to let you know that something good is coming your way.

This is the perfect time to apply for a new job or start working on a project you have always wanted to do.

The blue koi fish could also be a sign that you are currently experiencing good luck but perhaps aren’t taking advantage of it.

Make sure you do not get too busy with day-to-day life and remember to take notice of your day and what happens around you. Take the time to feel appreciative of any good that comes your way.


Blue koi fish are generally positive symbols. But remember that spiritual symbolism is very subjective, so the above are just examples only. There’s no way of definitively knowing what your vision really means. So, meditate and journal on the vision and see if you can find within you the meaning that you’re seeking.