Blue Flame Meaning & Symbolism (Protection & Peace)

blue flame symbolism

The blue flame is quite a common flame color and it is mostly generated by the combustion of natural gas. Seeing it can make you feel safe, protected, and peaceful.

For a long time, people have viewed the flame colors from the perspective of various different fire rituals. While there are a lot of scientific reasons that determine the color of the flame, these colors can also contain a subjective spiritual meaning.

For example, seeing a blue flame in your dreams can provide hints about your future.

What Does Blue Flame Symbolize in Real Life?

1. Safety and Protection

The blue flame is a symbol of safety and protection. If you see a blue flame in a candle, it is often interpreted as a good sign. It can mean that your guardian angel is looking over you.

Having your guardian angel alongside you is a blessing. It is a clear indicator that no matter how hard life is or going to get, you always have someone watching your back. Also, it means that you will get through any tough situation with ease.

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2. Peace

Many people view the blue flame as a symbol of peace. If you find yourself in a conflict, the blue flame can be a symbol that peace and relaxation are on the way.

Chances are that you are at war with yourself mentally. The only way to win is to make peace with your mind because it is a part of you. You might want to consider lighting a candle and meditating for a while to calm your inner turmoil. 

3. Purity

The blue flame is also a symbol of purity. You can only have blue flame at relatively higher temperatures. Higher temperatures can purge everything that isn’t pure.

If you see a blue flame around you, it might be from a candle or something else. However, it can spiritually mean that the space you is currently in is peaceful and pure. So, some people do this to cleanse the environment for an upcoming spiritual ritual.

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4. Strength and Energy

Seeing blue flame is also a symbol of strength and energy. This is mainly because fire turns blue only at higher temperatures and requires more energy. 

If you are going to get through life, you will need a lot of strength and energy. Seeing a blue flame should inspire you and strengthen your confidence.

5. Spiritual Connection

Seeing blue flame can also be viewed as a good sign of deep spiritual connection with something bigger than yourself.

Finding a spiritual connection is such a hard thing in today’s world. If you feel spiritually connected, it is a lucky sign because some people never feel that connection.

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What Does Dreaming of Blue Flame Symbolize?

1. Dangerous People

If you see blue flames in your dream, it might be possible that you will interact with a dangerous person.

Just to be on the safer side, observe the people you interact with and only trust the people in your inner circle. If gut sense of a person isn’t right, carefully examine why you feel that way.

2. Challenges in the Near Future

Seeing blue flames in your dream can also mean that you are going to encounter some challenges soon.

Challenges are a part of life and facing challenges will only make you stronger in life. However, it is better to prepare yourself for some tough times and struggles.

Having a calm and composed nature is going to help you get through any challenge in life. No matter how hard it is, you should never give up.

3. Your Inner Voice

If you see blue flames in your dream then it can be a sign to listen to your inner voice a little more.

Everyone has an inner voice and it is generally helpful in tough situations. A lot of times, people try to persuade you into doing something that you do not like.

It is when your inner voice will always try to communicate with you. You should listen to your gut because sometimes it is the best for you.

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4. Honesty

Seeing blue flame in your dream can be viewed as a good sign. It can symbolize honesty and it can mean that you have an honest group of people around you.

Honesty is a rare trait to have these days. One of the biggest challenges of modern times is to find honest people.

If you already have a bunch of people who are honest and care for you, you are already successful. Cherish this bond of honesty and never let it break.

5. Healing

A blue flame in your dreams can also be a sign of healing. It is a good indicator and can denote that you are on the right path.

Healing is a very delicate process and oftentimes it takes too long to even accept the fact that something is wrong. Once you accept that there is some damage, only then you can heal properly.

Also, make sure that once you are on the path of healing, no one disturbs you emotionally. You can only achieve it if you expect less from other people.

What Does It Mean to See Blue Flame in Your Dreams?

Seeing blue flame in your dreams can be mostly viewed as a warning sign.

It may be telling you to take some precautions and make sure that you can navigate any upcoming problems.

Also, blue flame is a symbol of healing and healing is a very delicate process. Make sure that you do not let anyone affect you or your emotions in the wrong way.


Seeing blue flame in real life and in your dreams can have several symbolic meanings.

Remember that spiritual symbolism is very hard to interpret, subjective, and deeply personal. So don’t forget to meditate, journal, and seek a spiritual advisor on your own circumstances. The above meanings are examples only.