Aries Love Languages: How do they Show their Love?

The Aries love languages are quality time and physical touch.

Aries people radiate vigor, dedication, and passion. They both give and receive a lot of stimulation, life force, and independence from the people in their lives.

When they’re in love, they enjoy experiencing life together with their partner.Therefore, quality time is one of the love languages of these people.

Also, when they’re in a romantic mood, Aries signs secretly adore cuddling up and feeling another person’s warmth. They can melt at the touch of their partner, so the other preferred form of love language is physical touch.

Aries Love Languages

What are the Five Love Languages?

Gary Chapman’s view is that communication in relationships can be improved if one partner can express their love for the other in a way that both can understand.

He refers to this as “expressing love” in the other person’s language.According to Chapman, one can learn someone else’s love language by observing how they demonstrate affection towards others.

The five common love languages are quality time, acts of service, physical touch, gifts, and words of affirmation.

When your love language is words of affirmation, words uplift you. Speaking love, praise, support, and praises to you makes you happy.

Criticism and harsh remarks can bother you for a very long time. When your love language is acts of service, anything your partner does voluntarily to lighten your load is an expression of their love for you.

When you express your affection by offering gifts, a thoughtful present will let you know that you are valued. The opposite is true for generic presents and missed special occasions.

If you are into physical touch, your favorite means of expressing and receiving love are holding hands, kisses, hugs, and other physical contact.

Last, but not least, nothing conveys love to you like receiving someone’s full attention when you express your love by sharing quality time.

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Aries Man Love Language

When romance meets the male ram, these people adore to be involved in all types of sports experiences.

Shortly, their type of love language is quality time, which should be spent in an active rather than soft and comfy way.

They will fall in love with you head over heels if you are a fan of their favorite sports team or if you are into extreme activities, such as bungee jumping, motorcycling or even mountaineering.

They will also appreciate if you are bold in bed and speak dirty to them. If you want to turn him on, learn to accept and appreciate who you are so that you can feel confident in yourself.

Remind yourself every day that you are wonderful, follow your gut and surprise your Aries man with a kinky attitude.

How to Tell an Aries Man is in Love with You

1. They will want to protect you.

Aries men have strong instincts for protection and enjoy playing the role of the brave knight.

They will frequently check on you to be sure you are safe and will stand up for you if someone is being mean to you.

You will frequently find him opening doors or accompanying you home. This happens because even if Aries are very bold men, they do have their courtesy towards women. He will make every effort to keep you secure, and content.

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2. They will open themselves to you only if you make the first move.

As mentioned before, Aries people are deeply intophysical touch as love language.

However, they also have a huge ego and will not show you too much affection until they make sure you are into them. This happens because they want to be sure you like them as much as they do.

Once they feel sure you share their feelings, they will constantly show you physical closeness and genuine interest.

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3. They will involve you in their activities and hobbies

Aries people enjoy life to the full, they are very active people and have high levels of energy.

When an Aries has a crush on you, he will most likely ask you to join him to the gym, be part of his squash team or attend a running marathon.

They will let all their friends know about their soul mate who shares the same enthusiasm for movement and outdoor activities.

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Aries Woman Love Language

Female Aries want everything to go their own way. They can become so enraged if you don’t pay attention and treat them with respect that they won’t give you another chance.

Their most important love language is physical touch. Hugs, holding hands and kisses makes them feel wanted, desired, appreciated and, generally, loved.

If you avoid providing them with such gestures, they will feel rejected and will not be able to stand the heaviness of this feeling.

Their second love language is spending quality time together. They are very active ladies, so walking outdoors, playing sports or going for a mountain walk will make them fall for you for sure.

How to Tell an Aries Woman is in Love with You

1. Jealousy

They willhardly hide their jealousy on other women who keep an eye on their man. Aries is fiercely competitive alpha, both male and female.

Aries women can’t stand the idea that another woman might receive the affection, and attention that is rightfully hers.

Theycan be verypossessive butcannot stand beingdominated themselves.

For these women, their own freedom is essential, but the freedom of their partner can suffer compromises for their own peace of mind. This happens because Aries people are usually self-centered, and all their emotions are “me” focused.

2. Listening to you

They will put great emphasis on your opinion if you respect their need for freedom.

Aries women are usually very self-confident and do not rely much on other people’s thoughts. However, when these ladies fall in love, they enjoy listening to what the man of their heart has to say.

They prefer a competitive partner rather than a leader; for this reason, Aries womencarefully will pay attention to the guy of their dreams when dealing with a difficult or stressful situation.

3. They get touchy

They will look for ways to touch the guy they like. They appreciate being intimate and holding hands, since it strengthens their bonds with possible partners through touch.

If they are on fire over someone, they will have for sure some trouble keeping their hands in place.

Confident and sexy Aries ladies love to touch and be touched, but they are also well-known for their great sexual appetite.

When they like someone, they will make sure they keep a hand on the guy enough times until they get his attention.

How to Show an Aries you Love Them

1. Invite them to a party

Invite them to a rave party. Aries people enjoy having fun and are often into warehouses, clubs, or other public or private venues where they can attend DJs playing electronic dance music.

 They can dance all night and inviting them somewhere where they can feel alive all night is one of the sexiest dates for Aries people.

Prepare yourself for a long and restless night with an Aries. Their levels of energy are hard to compete, but fun is always guaranteed with these people.

2. Compete with them

Ask them out somewhere where you can do something competitive together.

Aries is the conqueror of the zodiac, meaning what makes them feel most alive is challenge. Board games, a tennis match or whatever sparks their inner player shall make them crazy over you.

They hate it when they lose, but they have respect for the winner. They will appreciate if you are a fair player and offer them great quality time while having fun and pushing your limits together.

3. Be naughty in bed

Aries people are very passionate partners and have a great sexual appetite.

They have a thing for the kink and enjoy spontaneous flirty and kinky experiences. They are daring and fiery, and they can be bold when it comes to being beneath the covers, as well.

This is why they will appreciate a courageous and experimental partner when it comes to the sexy times. Sexual toys, hot lingerie, and fantasy costumes can all be surprises which an Aries shall fully appreciate.

Which Other Signs Have This Love Language? (Love Language Compatibility)

Along with Aries, Taurus, Cancer, and Pisces people enjoy physical touch from their loved ones.

Water signs seek emotional intimacy in their relationships and hugs are one of the most expressive intimacy signs. Taurus is the most sensual zodiacal signs.

The key expression for them is the power of touch. So, if an Aries loves to cuddle, for Taurus people this love language shall come quite naturally.

When it comes to enjoying quality time, Aries people love to share experiences as much as Aquarius, Gemini and Sagittarius people do.

Air signs need constant intellectual stimulation, but also movement for releasing their fast-paced mind.

Sagittarius loves to explore new things and will find a major turn-off in a partner who prefers indoor activities.

When paired with any of these signs, Aries people shall keep their inner fire moving and they will feel enthusiastic about the new love experience because it’s not a boring one.


The most fierce sign of the zodiac is under meltdown if their loved one grabs them by the hand. Aries people are very passionate and sensitive, but they usually avoid showing their vulnerable sign.

Make sure you are able to keep up with their high levels of energy because these people do not know too much about resting. However, if you take them out somewhere for a run and give them some hugs later on a bench, that strong armor around their heart shall eventually fall off.

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