5 Reasons Geminis are so Smart (Or Are They?)

5 Reasons Geminis are so Smart

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet that rules intellect, rational thought and communication. Therefore, Geminis are considered to bevery intelligent people.

They are quick-thinking, can pay attention to several things at the same time, can adapt themselves according to circumstances and their mind never closes an idea definitively.

They are outgoing, like to interact and learn from others and are super curious.

Are Geminis Smart?

We can say that Gemini are capable of manifesting many types of intelligence!

They are very rational, they know how to deal well with people who are different from them and also can learn all kinds of arts.

As they are ruled by Mercury, communication is their strength and they can learn several languages ​​easily, but they also know how to express themselves without words.

As they have a very strong body perception, the dance with all its varied movements can be a type of Gemini expression, conveying feelings to anyone who sees it.

5 Ways Geminis are Intelligent

1 They are open minded to new things

As they are very curious, they are always open to new things. They like to learn a little bit of everything, and it’s hard for a subject not to attract their attention.

Even if it’s something they have never heard of, surely curiosity will drive them to look for more on the subject. They don’t like to be bored, and new things arouses curiosity in them.

As a mutable sign, they change their mind easily and do not stick to old concepts. They care about other’s opinions and genuinely want to understand how the other person’s mind works.

Because of this, they are the type of people who can talk about all subjects, and this makes them interesting and attractive.

They are always well informed, know a little about everything and like to pass this knowledge on. They understand that knowledge is power, and they have plenty of that!

2.They know how to use their verbal skills to their advantage.

As an air sign, Geminis are very rational and attached to concrete ideas. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so a Gemini’s ideas flow smoothly.

They are good for organizing ideas and transmitting them to others too.

They are intelligent and know the words well, as well as being able to read the person they are talking to.

Because of this, they have an enormous power of persuasion: they know how the person thinks, they know who they are talking to, and they can say everything the other wants to hear.

This is a good thing, as they can sell anything without major difficulties (including their values).

As everything has two sides, on its negative side they can convince others to do what they want, deceiving people, so it’s good to be careful with that.

They are good improvisers, as they don’t have the patience to explain everything in detail, so they can choose the facts they want to tell. 

3.They’re Multitaskers

While most people only do one thing at a time, Geminis are known for being multi-taskers.

They can even pay attention to several things at the same time. They perform several tasks in parallel, and do each one very well.

They know how to optimize and manage their 24 hours and perform more than non-multi task people.

In addition, they are not very bothered by external noises. It’s as if the various stimuli they receive are good for them, helping them to focus and feel energized by it.

It may seem strange, since the most common thing is to get distracted with many things happening at the same time, but that is the natural pattern of Gemini.

They have plenty of energy inside them, and they need to get it all out, and accomplish many things at the same time helps them. The monotony and boredom makes them feel bad.

Even so, it is important to know that our body needs a break every now and then, even if we think otherwise. Scheduling breaks during the day can help prevent mental exhaustion or a worse thing, like a burnout. 

4.They’re Fast Learners

With a very agile mind, they have the incredible ability to absorb information quickly! You just need to talk once and they will understand what you mean.

For exams, this is very helpful. They are the type of student who does not need to study all day, if he pays attention in class that will be enough.

But they also use it to help their friends. They like to study in a group, exchanging information (so they learn more things) and teaching others, as they can make everything clear.

If you are a Gemini with Mercury in this sign too, no one will be able to stop you: you will have all those Gemini traits in addition to an excellent memory for short-term information.

5. They get along with any type of people

Gemini is a very social sign, has an open mind to diversity, has no prejudices and gets along well with anyone.

They welcome differences and think this is the coolest thing about human beings.

They love interacting with people and it’s like it gives them even more energy. The more different the person they interact with, the more he will be curious and will genuinely want to know everything about the person’s life.

They are easily entertained by any story you tell, they are good listeners and good advisers (although they can change their minds easily).

This is something very positive. Hardly a Gemini will be alone, unless this is by choice. Usually they have loads of friends, from those for a more superficial contact, to the closest friends, and will always be available to anyone who needs it. 


Overall, Gemini has an incredible thinking ability! They learn everything very quickly, have multiple talents and are always open minded to new things.

They are always innovating their way of thinking and curiosity is what drives them. They are those friends who will always help you to understand things, because they know how to explain in different ways and are articulate in speech.

Also, they give space for others to talk, as they love to learn too. There are many qualities that make them intelligent, but everything has two sides.

The ease of learning new things can lead to a lack of persistence, as they are always adapting to everything and as a result they are unable to take many things forward. They can be easily distracted as they are always paying attention to everything that comes around them. As their minds are very quick, they can be impatient with slow-witted ones.

They like to learn, but in a superficial way, and end up not diving deep into the subjects. So they know a lot about everything, but they don’t specialize in anything. In these cases, lack of patience and distraction end up getting in the way. If you really want to understand a little bit of everything, so be it! But if you want to dive deeper into things, you need to be more patient with the long learning processes. To make it better, try to teach others as you learn and research different opinions on the subject, so it doesn’t get boring or monotonous.