Aquarius Love Languages: How do Aquariuses Show Their Love?

Aquarius Love Languages

Each zodiac sign has its love language. This explains how they love others! Love is given and received differently. And there is no standard way of loving.

When an Aquarius is in love, that connection is a slow burn. Those that they love are taken by surprise. They may not even know about the Aquarius’ feelings!

Aquarius show their love in unique ways. They rarely admit their adoration!

And that brings forth the question: what are the traits of an Aquarius in love?

The traits are many and varied. But in this article, we bring you the specific traits of an Aquarius in love.

Traits of an Aquarius in Love

1. Intellectual Stimulation

An Aquarius is not your typical person. Whereas the way to the heart of most people is through the stomach, for the Aquarius is through the brain!

To make an Aquarius love you, you need to engage them in intellectually interesting conversations. To them, romance is all about intellectual stimulation!

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2. Honesty and Independence

Aquarians long for relationships that value three things: a mental connection, honesty, and independence.

When you consider the Aquarius sign, you notice that it’s a bit of a loner. This means that Aquarians are independent individuals! Based on this, they will therefore give the same sense of independence to their partners.

And they will always treat their partners as their equals. They’ll also respect their boundaries!

When it comes to love matters, Aquarians are generally committed to life. And yes, they’re willing to make sacrifices for the sake of their relationship. 

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3. Unrelenting Anger

There’s one thing you need to look out for in an Aquarius. Their unrelenting anger! 

Should you cross or betray your Aquarius partner, be prepared for the worse. The relationship will likely end at that point. And, oh my God…don’t expect mercy or forgiveness. 

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Aquarius Man Love Languages

The Aquarius man has unique love languages! We’ve gathered for you five very specific love languages in this section. Continue reading to the end.

1. No Secretes To His Love 

Do you know everything about your man? Even his darkest secrets? How did you find out?

If your man told you all this, then he trusts you.

It’s not common for an Aquarius man to open up to you about his secrets! And if he does, it means that he cares about you.

But there’s a catch! He also wants to know if you feel the same about him. So, reciprocate in the best way you know.

2. He Makes Time for You in His Schedule

Do you love spending quality time with your partner? If you said yes, then it’s the same for an Aquarius man in love.

If you find an Aquarius man making time for you, it’s a good sign that he cares about your relationship. The more time you spend together having fun is an indication that you don’t bore him. He can even go to the extent of sacrificing his free time to make you happy.

3. He Has Deep and Meaningful Conversations with You

Does your Aquarius man give you a listening ear when together? Or does he just brush you off? How about when he’s talking to you? Does he speak from the heart?

Here’s the thing! If an Aquarius man cares deeply for you, he gets interested in having a heartfelt and deep conversation with you. Similarly, he pays great attention to you when you speak. He even likes to hear your views about issues and shows interest in your arguments on certain topics.

He’s also prepared to support your ideas!

4. He Tells You He Loves You

How often does your Aquarius man confess his love to you verbally?

Aquarius men are hard to disclose their feelings openly, especially in the early stages of a relationship. But wait! An Aquarius man is a very social and verbal person. If he tells you that he loves you, then believe him. He means it!

5. He Introduces You to Important People in His Life

You need to join the inner circles of your Aquarius man.

So, do you know members of his inner family? His father, his mother, his siblings, or his closest friends? If you do, that’s good!

If your Aquarius man loves and cares for you, he’ll introduce you to all the people that matter in his life. Otherwise, start thinking twice.

How to Tell if an Aquarius Man is in Love with You 

To tell if an Aquarius man is in love with you is not easy. But you can look for the following indicators.

1. Faithfulness

It’s natural for an Aquarius man to flirt with other women! But when in love, the Aquarius man will remain faithful to his partner. 

2. Loyalty

An Aquarius man in love is very loyal! He will focus on his lover only. So, the less he flirts with other people, the more in love he is.

3. Highly Creative

Aquarius men are highly creative. When deeply in love, they will get creative to make their love very romantic. They can plan random romantic dates, give homemade gifts, or unplanned adventures.

Expect your Aquarius man to do whatever it takes to entertain and impress you if he’s in love with you.

Aquarius Woman Love Languages

1. She Will Talk To You about Anything 

An Aquarius woman in love with you will open up easily and naturally. She’ll talk to you about everything and anything! She’ll also show interest in what you think and stand for.

2. She Will Plan Trips With You

Aquarian women love to travel and adventure. She’ll want to travel, learn and explore the world with you if she’s deeply in love.

3. She’s Caring and Sensitive

Naturally, Aquarians are usually known as emotionally distant and cold. So, if your Aquarius woman shows you compassion and love, then she’s just proving how deep she loves you.

4. She Shares Her Deepest Thoughts

It is very uncommon for the Aquarian woman to share her deepest thoughts and even darkest secrets with you. If she does, then she deeply loves you.

5. She Reveals Her Feelings after a Long Time

Revealing their emotional feelings is the hardest thing for an Aquarius. So, if your Aquarius woman lets you know her deep feelings towards you, then celebrate. She’s in love with you.

How to Tell if an Aquarius Woman is in Love with You

Doubt sets in especially when dealing with an Aquarius woman in matters of love. It can be hard to tell when an Aquarius woman is really in love.

To forestall any more doubts, read the remaining part of this article to the end.

1. Devotion

If an Aquarius woman is in love, she will stick around with her partner. She’ll never think of cheating on him.

2. Romantic Surprises

When an Aquarius woman is in love, she expects her man to entertain her. Likewise, she will also plan many romantic surprises for her partner!

3. Adventure

The Aquarius woman is never short of an adventure. If she takes you along with her on the adventures, then it’s an indication that she’s in love with you. When you’re in love with a loving Aquarius woman is an adventure in itself.


The Aquarius zodiac sign is one of the best for its positive traits and characteristics. But the Aquarius are not simple people. That’s why an Aquarius does not fall in love easily. But when they do, it’s usually worth the waiting.

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