Aquarius Descendant: Personality Traits and Compatibility

Aquarius Descendant

If you have an Aquarius descendant in your natal chart, you will likely have unique forms of self-expression, deep friendships, and a stroke of rebelliousness.

The following discussion explains how to interpret your descendant sign. Note that this is a broad-brush explanation only and may not fully resonate with you. To get a personalized reading, you’ll need to talk to an astrologer who can look at your whole natal chart.

What Do Descendant Signs Represent?

The Descendant sign is often considered “the relationship sign”. It is found on the opposite side on the zodiac wheel to the Ascendant sign and is at the top of the seventh house.

Whilst the Ascendant sign is about self-image and representation, the Descendant is all about what you seek in relationships with others. It embodies the traits and characteristics that you want in a partner or friend.

The Descendant represents what qualities you admire in those around you and can show what part of yourself you wish to grow and evolve.

Many people use the Descendant sign to find out what kind of partner they need in their life to help them grow and evolve as a person and a couple.

5 Things Aquarius Descendant Means

1. Unique                           

If you have an Aquarius Descendant, you will naturally be drawn to the theatrics of life.

Everything you do will be done with a flourish and you want to surround yourself with people who are unique and quirky.

You don’t worry too much about the opinion of others and want to do things that make you truly happy. It is important for you to be able to enjoy your uniqueness with the people youlove.

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2. Self-Expression

As an Aquarius Descendant you need to be given freedom to express your individuality.

It is important for you to feel as though you can express yourself completely, and you may need to spend some time alone to work out what exactly that means for you.

Identifying as your true self is something very important to you and you need to be around people who appreciate that and give you the freedom you need.

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3. Friendship

Aquarius Descendant’s make incredible friends and place friendship above almost all other relationships.

If you have an Aquarius Descendant, you likely have a large circle of friends and would do anything for them. Most of your romantic relationships likely stemmed from friendship.

You prefer intellectual connections to pure physical attraction and need to be mentally stimulated to be around someone for an extended period.

It is not uncommon for an Aquarius Descendant to refer to their spouse as their “best friend” and truly mean it.

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4. Rebellious

Aquarians want to break free from the status quo, and if you have an Aquarius Descendant you likely have always been a bit of a rebel.

If you think there is a better way to do something you will do it that way, regardless of if it ruffles a few feathers.

You focus on your future and leave behind anything that does not benefit you anymore.

5. No Judgement

Aquarius Descendant’s are not judgemental and do not tolerate anyone who is. You surround themselves with people who are authentic and honest.

It is important that the people in your life listen to your hopes, dreams and desires with an open mind with no judgement or negativity.

Their ideal partner is someone who cares enough to listen and offer advice, but is aloof enough to not get weighed down by life and its challenges.

What Signs are Aquarius Descendants Attracted to?

Aquarius Descendants are attracted to people who are free spirited and nonjudgmental.

They need to be able to have the freedom to express themselves and work on their goals.

They aren’t afraid to break the status quo so gel well with people who are a little bit rebellious and have an air of excitement about them.

Aquarius Descendant Compatibility

Most Compatible Signs

1. Leo

Leos are ruled by the sun and take life at full force. They are confident, outgoing, and unique without shame.

They are independent in relationships and enjoy being able to shine on their own from time to time.

Leos are excellent at self-expression and will let the world know very clearly who they are and what they believe in. A Leo paired with an Aquarius Descendant would make a bold and exciting couple.

2. Aries

Aries are forces to be reckoned with. They are incredibly unique and confident and often stand out in a crowd thanks to their uniqueness.

They are not afraid to break the rules and can be trailblazers within their social circles. They value their own time and independence and are not afraid to be alone.

An Aries and an Aquarius Descendant would be an excellent friendship or relationship.

3. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are the life of the party. They take each day with both hands and are bright, bold, and optimistic.

They are not afraid to go against the status quo and don’t mind being in new situations. They are great listeners and see the best in people before judging.

Together with an Aquarius Descendant they would be a contagiously happy couple.

Least Compatible Signs

1. Pisces

Pisces are too emotional for an Aquarius Descendant. Pisces are borderline co-dependent in their relationships and want to be with their partner all the time.

They struggle with breaking rules or being alone for too long. An Aquarius Descendant would quickly feel suffocated in this relationship.

2. Gemini

A Geminis constant need to gossip and judge would leave an Aquarius Descendant uncomfortable.

It is unlikely that this pairing would even become friends, let alone pursue a relationship.

The Gemini would be too rigid and unable to compromise to maintain anything serious with an Aquarius Descendant.

How to Attract an Aquarius Descendant

The best way to attract an Aquarius Descendant is by being unique and unashamedly yourself.

Aquarius Descendants are attracted to intelligent, bold and exciting people.

They want someone who is not afraid to break from the status quo and express themselves authentically without fear of being judged.


Aquarius Descendants are fun, exciting, and refreshing people to be around. They want a life that is authentic and serves them entirely. Their ideal partnership is one that shakes up society and is unique.